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Inspired by his father, Jethro Fadlin Sr., (an acclaimed musician in the Caribbean) as a young boy Courtney would watch his father at various performances. It wasn’t too long after his tutelage began.

Courtney also credits Grover Washington Jr. as one of his major influences.

This path eventually took him to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and by 1999 he completed his degree program (saxophone performance) there.

Flute, sax and clarinet are Courtney’s instruments of choice presently, however piano and steel pan (aka steel drums) are part of his musical background. Composing, producing and arranging are among his various musical skills.

Over the years Courtney has shared stage with the likes of Ben Tankard, Hubert Powell, Melba Moore, Culture (Jamaican Reggae Band), and Legendary drummer Louie Bellson to name a few.