Get your music on Shazam

June 4, 2013 by Carl Henry

Get your music on Shazam, the world’s most popular music identification app!

According to our friends at Digital Music News, 7.2% of all download sales in 2012 were generated after a person used the Shazam app on their mobile device or iPad to identify a song.  Then they immediately clicked over to an affiliated download store and purchased the track.

That’s $300 million in digital download sales (a figure which is projected to double by next year); and as DMN points out, those are only the sales that can be directly tracked (it doesn’t include folks who ID’d a song with Shazam, made mental note, and then purchased it later).  If 1 out of 14 paid downloads begins with Shazam, shouldn’t your music be included in their database?

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